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Company: Infor Global Solutions (ANZ) Pty Ltd

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Infor Global Solutions

Before Autopia

Infor is a global software solutions company with over 8,000 employees and over 70,000 customers worldwide. By engaging its clients in an open, authentic, and transparent manner, it has become a leading provider of business software for mid-market companies. Infor’s no-nonsense software solutions provide customers with faster implementations, which provide faster ROI.

In 2007, only 2% of employees had a novated lease. These employees had acquired their leases through previous employers and Infor simply administered the existing arrangements. In the face of fierce industry competition for talent Infor’s Senior Regional HR Manager, Patricia De Gori, sought to overhaul the company’s approach to employee benefits in order to position the company as a more attractive employer. Offering an effective car salary packaging program was one of the key ways of achieving this.

Patricia had experienced working with a number of fleet managers, and she was not keen to work with them again, so she went to market looking for a higher calibre of supplier who understood ‘value added’ employee benefits.

She was focused on finding a company that would not replicate the key issues she had experienced in the past:

Unsatisfactory employee experience
Patricia was tired of seeing employees coming out of leases ‘backwards’; a situation that arises at the end of a lease when the resale value is less than the amount owing on the car (the residual). This is common when employees choose the wrong car on the wrong terms, and can be caused by either a lack of advice, or even worse, the wrong advice from the supplier in regards to vehicle depreciation rates.

Poor service and response times
Dealing with large call centres is annoying. Novated leasing is an HR-endorsed benefit and when employees get frustrated with service and response times from the supplier, the dissatisfaction gets redirected to HR, resulting in a failed benefit.

Lack of communication and relevant reporting
Lack of visibility on the trending of the fleet as well as the success of the program was never readily available through the fleet managers Patricia had used in the past. Without this information, she was ill-equipped to understand any looming tax exposure to the business caused by ineffective management of the fleet. Employee satisfaction levels were only visible when someone complained about losing money on a vehicle, or nobody returning their call.

Our solution

Superior financial result
At Autopia, we factor depreciation and the resulting resale value of vehicles at the end of term into our unique Total-Lifetime-Cost™ analysis. The analysis, combined with our finance and tax strategies deliver consistent superior financial results for employees.

Personalised service and fast response times

Personal one-on-one service, direct line access to a highly skilled consultant, and our complete absence of call centres results in high employee satisfaction, and a successful benefit.

Regular communication and informative reporting
A series of fleet management and employee satisfaction reports keep the organisation up to date with everything that’s going on with the vehicles, and how the program is being received by the workforce. Any potential FBT liabilities are flagged before there’s a chance for them to become a serious issue. 

"Very good service - whenever I asked for something it was attended to immediately. Good attention to detail. Great product knowledge. Helpful, customer-focused staff."
Tony Caston, Infor Global Solutions


Autopia launched Driver AutoPackage to Infor employees in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide in May 2008. The launch strategy encompassed a series of educational information sessions followed by personalised one-on-one consultations.

Autopia facilitated consultations with 15% of the workforce within the first three months after launch. The adoption rate of the benefit has now increased to 10%, and is still growing. Infor has improved its ability to attract and retain employees by implementing Autopia’s program.







Source: Autopia Infor new driver survey Jul 2008 - Jan 2011

“We have sought to introduce ‘best-in-class’ benefits to our employees and Autopia were the perfect choice for us when it came to novated leasing because of their 110% commitment to customer service and ethics. They know how to maximize tax benefits and explain it in very easy to understand terms. The Vehicle Benefits Specialists are really knowledgeable and passionate about cars and this translates to added value for our employees. Autopia are a friendly and professional consultative business partner you can take seriously.”

Pat De Gori, Senior Regional HR Manager, Pacific
Infor Global Solutions

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